We partner and engage with a number of others who share our commitment to advancing impact investments in a transparent and sustainable way.

Top Tier Impact

A Geneva based community for investors, entrepreneurs and professionals who are focused on solving the critical issues of our time. EQ Capital is an active member and plays a leading role within a number of the working groups.

Global Investment Leaders Club

Membership in the Global Investment Leaders Club is granted exclusively to the heads of investment companies, Royal family offices, family offices, institutional investors, as well as the heads of large companies and influential business people. EQ Capital is one of only a handful of Australian based members.

TBLI Group

The triple bottom line group aims to maximise investment flows into sustainability initiatives by highlighting the benefits of triple bottom line investing. EQ Capital is a member and active participant in the TBLI investor salons.

JC Happiness Charity Foundation

This Hong Kong based foundation raises money and awareness to support vital work in poverty reduction, education and healthcare. EQ Capital is part of the JC Happiness Charity Foundation council of advisors.

Orion International Advisors

Orion International Advisors is a global association of independent investment banks with member firms in UK, USA, Ireland, France, Italy, India, Japan, China, Brazil and Australia. Eq Capital’s Chairman is Emeritus Global Chairman of Orion and we retain strong personal links to Orion’s member firms.

Global Creative Initiative

A diverse, Grammy award winning group of artists, internationally-awarded musicians and educators, coming together through technology, to bring the power of positive motivation and creative expression with live music, art & education to hospitals and orphanages.